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The Never List by Koethi Zan

The Never List

 It is told from Sarah's view point who was held captive in a basement of a psycho college professor along with her best friend, Jennifer, and two other girls, Tracy and Christine. The professor was arrested when Sarah escaped but ten years later is up for parole.

I picked up this book for Halloween season. I heard that it was suppose to be a good book. This book has so much potential build and could have put the reader on the seat. To me it failed to do that in my eyes.

My main problem is that the very dark subject matter is grafted onto a chatty first person narrative style better suited to chick lit, and it just doesn't work. It seemed like that annoying middle school/high school gossip girl over and over and over.

I do not understand why this book is classified as a thriller? This book just failed to deliver.I will be give the author a break with it bring her first book published. Just not my can or bottle of beer I guess.


The Pelican Brief by John Grisham

The Pelican BriefTitle:The Pelican Brief
 Author:John Grisham
My rating: Save It

In suburban Georgetown a killer's Reeboks whisper on the front floor of a posh home... In a seedy D.C. porno house a patron is swiftly garroted to death... The next day America learns  that two of its Supreme Court justices have been assassinated. And in New Orleans, a young law student prepares a legal brief... To Darby Shaw it was  no more than a legal shot in the dark, a brilliant  guess. To the Washington establishment it was  political dynamite. Suddenly Darby is witness to a murder -- a murder intended for her. Going  underground, she finds there is only one person she can  trust -- an ambitious reporter after a newsbreak  hotter than Watergate -- to help her piece together the deadly puzzle. Somewhere between the bayous of  Louisiana and the White House's inner sanctums, a violent cover-up is being engineered. For somone has read Darby's brief. Someone who will stop at nothing to destroy the evidence of an unthinkable crime
I have been a fan of John Grisham for quite sometime now. It was not a BIG surprise that I liked this book. I just could not put this book down. Although, like I said, the book as a whole was really suspenseful, I thought the end was a bit anticlimatic.
My Thoughts:
I have been a fan of John Grisham for quite sometime now. It was not a BIG surprise that I liked this book. I just could not put this book down. I do like the way the finally tied it together.Although, like I said, the book as a whole was really suspenseful, I thought the end was a bit anticlimatic. I kind of had mixed feeling in the end.

I think that most of us would not know what to do of we had some guys out trying to kill us over a brief. Darby does have enough smarts to realize that everyone that comes into contact with the brief she wrote ends up dead.

She finds herself on the run when her brief makes it all the way to the FBI, CIA and the President. There is a lot of killing in this book and Darby realizes she is in danger. This is a real thriller because Darby doesn’t know who to trust. This is one of my top Grisham book, but not my top 5.


Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

Red Dragon (Hannibal Lecter, #1)Title:Red Dragon
Author:Thomas Harris
My rating: Back It Up

A second family has been massacred by the terrifying serial killer the press has christened ?The Tooth Fairy.? Special Agent Jack Crawford turns to the one man who can help restart a failed investigation?Will Graham. Graham is the greatest profiler the FBI ever had, but the physical and mental scars of capturing Hannibal Lecter have caused Graham to go into early retirement. Now, Graham must turn to Lecter for help.

My Thoughts 

I bought this book right around the remake of the book was release in theaters. I am not sure what took me THIS long to finally sit down and read this masterpiece. I figured that it was Halloween season, so it would be the perfect time to read Red Dragon. You have to remember this was well before the CSI's and L&O's were all over the TV schedules.

The plot surrounds the investigation of a brutal serial killer known as the Tooth Fairy.n order to catch the killer, FBI detective Will Graham must think like a killer with the help of Hannibal Lector. The person Graham helped send away.I love how you are instead the head of Graham and the Tooth Fairy throughout the book.

Harris does a wonderful job showing how the Tooth Fairy ended up this way from the hands is cruel grandmother. After read this book I was in aww after what she did to him as a child and messing with him.

Thomas Harris wants the reader to have more the more that read throughout this book. I recommend this to to anyone that loves suspense of a real manhunt. If you scare easily, refrain from reading this late at night in a dark lonely house:)

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AudioFiles: Gideon's Sword by Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

Title: Gideon's Sword
Series: Gideon Crew
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Acquired:Library Loan
Ranking: Save It

Summary: Introducing Gideon Crew: trickster, prodigy, master thief

At twelve, Gideon Crew witnessed his father, a world-class mathematician, accused of treason and gunned down.

At twenty-four, summoned to his dying mother's bedside, Gideon learned the truth: His father was framed and deliberately slaughtered. With her last breath, she begged her son to avenge him.

Now, with a new purpose in his life, Gideon crafts a one-time mission of vengeance, aimed at the perpetrator of his father's destruction. His plan is meticulous, spectacular, and successful.

But from the shadows, someone is watching. A very powerful someone, who is impressed by Gideon's special skills. Someone who has need of just such a renegade.

For Gideon, this operation may be only the beginning . . 

My Thoughts: I think that I was a bit spoiled with the way that this book start out. I will say that I was dialed in after the chapter or so. With all the fast past action that was going on and surrounding Gideon. I did like his mentality with the way that he social engineered most of what got him through life. He seems like the type of person that I might get along with with..:))
I did think that the story was going to go deeper with his father, but that was not the case in the story. The book did focus more on Gideon and how he was going through life.

This book had PLENTY of action, you just ever knew how he was going to accomplish the goal that organization preset for him to accomplish.I liked the way that the narrator's interpretation of the story and he made you feel that you were right there with Gideon. 

This story would be for any geek that enjoys some crime solving