Boy Does Time Fly

Tonight my wife and I went out for a "date night." With a lil bundle on the way it seems we do not get many of those anymore considering all the preplanning and work for the arrival.

We will be technically married for 6 year, but we were hitched on leap day back in 2008, on February 29th...when life was simpler(is that a word). The journey we have had thus far has been a fun one. It is unreal how fast some things in life change with all the trials and difficulties that we had so far. It only make us stronger..right. It should be interesting to see what the future hold for us.

Anyway, we went out to a local restaurant and had some delicious steaks. My wife chose a etter cut. I knew I should have had the ribeye. Her steak was perfect and cut like butter. Overall, it was a great night. Now my wife is beat and ready for bed.

It will be interesting to see how different out lives will be by next year will you minions. Any hint will help.


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