Calico Joe by John Grisham

Calico JoeCalico Joe by John Grisham
My rating: Save It

As a die hard Brewers fan, I have drown up hating the Cubs immensely.I had no problem cheering for the Cubs in this book..well mostly because the Crew did not exist yet.

This book is more than a mere sports book. It shows that with one pitch how a life and/or lives can be altered.

But here he has delivered a baseball allegory to rival the best ever – "The Natural" or "Field of Dreams." This is so much more than a book about baseball. It's about family, heartache, broken promises, disappointments, growing up...mostly forgiveness and resilience.

Cub’s fans will truly enjoy.

No, the Cubs don’t miraculously make it to the World Series. (Even Grisham has to stay tethered to some degree of reality). But they are central to this story of a soaring career brought to an end way too early; to the redemption, not of the perpetrator but of the victim; and to all 10 year old boys’ need for heroes.

Please read and enjoy. Even if you are  not a sports fan, I would recommend you give this book a shot.

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