Sci-Fi Dress Up

Hosted by Rinn Reads

If any of you didn't know it is Sci-Fi Month. I will be posting Sci-Fi related posts this month. I am excited as well.

 I am sure that I am not alone in this post...well I hope not at least. Growing up, my brothers and I did not play cowboys and Indians(Native Americans) all that much. We did play plenty of Star Wars and Star Trek. 

If so were you a lead or a supporting character? I was usually Luke or Obi-Wan in the Star War plays. In Star Trek, I was Spock..who wouldn't choose him. Spock is badass and plus I am the only one that could do his hand sign.

I am happy to have grown up in a pro sci-fi family-that understood the wonderful world and sci-fi. Everything that it offered young and old minds.
It just got me wondering if any of you did the same thing with your siblings/cousins/friends?

Thank you for reading, and thanks to Rinn Reads for hosting this wonderful, month-long celebration of Science Fiction!  Visit her website to learn more about the event and visit other participants' posts! 

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