Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)Cinder by Marissa Meyer
My rating: Back It Up

Cinder is a cyborg. It says everything, right?! Can a female protagonist be even better? No, not even Katniss from the Hunger Games
She is a strong-willed, reliable, stubborn and independent character. But there is even more about her that made me like her. She knows how to fix androids and other technical things. She is a very gifted mechanic. A girl? Mechanic? Yes it does make her even better :)

I love Cinder!
Finally something new and interesting! How can you go wrong with a cyborg as the main character as Cinderella.
An Asain, futuristic version of it? Wow. I hope that my daughter will like this book in the future. She wants to be Cinderella when she grows up.

Prince Kai? He is an interesting character to me.
He is in the middle of so many conflicts and all alone. The death of this father, the plague, the Lunar queen(b*tch) and Cinder. Still, he knows what to do and he has faith and I hope he will do everything right in the future.

The plot is fantastic! The development, the secrets that are revealed step by step.
I would love to write even more about this book, but there would be lots and lots of spoilers then, so I just stop here.

I closed the book and was left behind with sooo many questions... And not a single answer. Just think I ALMOST quit on this book. I am glad I didn't.

The second installment is on its way through the library for me to read. SWEETNESS.

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  1. I have the second book. I may even read it one day!


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