The Sickyies

Uggh...the whatever bug it is has hit my realm over here. So glad for that wonderful new. I am getting over it(that you for a good immune system) other the hand my wife and sicker than a dog, in which a quite common everytime. She frequently asks me to take a gun and take her out of her misery. My respoinse is then who will take care of Aquagirl :) I am terrible... I to find humor in ever situation. Even if it might get me killed.

At the moment, I am slugging along with The Name of the Wind. I hope that I can get through it this time. I tried last year and life was getting so damn busy. Working 50+ hours a week does not help either.

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  1. Sorry to hear that, for you and your family. Hope health wings its way to all of you quickly.

    Yes, keep going with the Rothfuss, it is well worth the time.


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