Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy, #1)Feed by Mira Grant

Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy, #1)
Title: Feed
Author: Mira Grant
Length: 571 pages
Genre-ish: Sci-Fi, Zombie
Rating: 2/5
I wanted to like this book. I am not sure what it is but, I found it it was not for me. I picked up this book and expected a zombie book. It was disappointing.

The book begins post-zombie apocalypse with two young bloggers looking to move up to the top tier of the news world, which is now dominated by bloggers. We're never told, though, whether print and broadcast journalism are dead or just irrelevant. In fact, we're not told much of anything not directly related to these two main characters. Their ticket to fame and fortune comes in the form of exclusive rights to cover a presidential nominee's campaign, but we never find out how the government is structured post-apocalypse, or even whether Washington exists as a "safe" zone in this new world. In fact, we're really told nothing about the entire eastern seaboard. That creates a lot of gaps when the story essentially morphs into a political thriller.

I am a fan of political thrillers, but this is my type of a book.

Strengths: It gives you a good look at what the world could look like with the infectede and non-infected living among each other. It is interesting to see what precautions that gavornemt has in place....like the constant blood testing.

Weakness: Dull. I have mixed feelings about zombie novels; zombies themselves don't interest or scare me so there has to be something more to the story - this wasn't a problem. In fact, the book wasn't largely dedicated to flesh-eating and zombie moans, it was dedicated to something which I am very interested in and should have been what sold the book to me: politics.


  1. This is a bummer! I've had this book sort of on my radar for awhile, since I like political thrillers and journalism and some of the dystopia stuff that comes into zombie books. But it sounds like poor execution, sad!

  2. I was disappointed with this book. I was excited about this book when I ordered through the library.


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