Going to Be Full

I am not that sure what we are getting ourselves in for.We volunteered to watch my cousins' their 3 boys ages(5,3,1) this weekend.Their mommy was Aquagirl's sitter for the first year. I am glad that for our sanity that they are good kid. Well...the middle one can be a monster sometimes, but Aquagirl and him play together just fine.

So by the calculations we have 2 kids per adult. It is going to be an interesting weekend. We have never experience the amount of minions sleeping over night. My wife of course will be worrying, but I think everything should go just fine. It is going to be quite an adventure this weekend.


  1. Sounds pretty wild. Good luck with that. And by the way, Happy Father's Day.

  2. Everything went good this weekend. It sure is different have boys in the house that is for certain.

    @James: I hope that you had a Happy Fathers Day as well. I sure did:))


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