X is For...

For the A to Z Challenge, we are up to the letter X and that stands for....X-Wing Starfighter.

Who did not want an X-Wing Fighter growing up? Please raise your hands.That is good so did I.

The X-wing was the primary all-purpose starfighter of the Rebel Alliance and its successor governments. Known for its versatility and exceptional combat performance, it was a favorite with Rebel and New Republic pilots. Possessing deflector shields, a hyperdrive, an R2 astromech for repairs and navigation, and a complement of proton torpedoes, the X-wing allowed the Rebellion to launch raids in Imperial space with improved odds of a successful mission.
The X-wing played a major role in the Galactic Civil War following its capture on Fresia and the defection of its designers to the Alliance. It was most heralded as the fighter that destroyed the Death Star at the hands of Luke Skywalker. Later in the war, it would form the backbone of the Alliance Starfighter Corps, defending Alliance ships and leading attacks on Imperial vessels and installations. Most importantly, it could perform on near equal terms with the Empire's high-performance TIE fighters when handled by an experienced pilot.

 After seeing this clip from A New Hope, what are your thoughts of the X-wing fighter?


  1. I didn't watch the video (dinosaur internet speed here), but I remember that part of the movie quite well. I wanted to fly spaceships so badly when I was little, and I was quite disappointed to learn that there were only airplanes. And I'm too short for those. *sigh*

    Great post! :-D

  2. My brother was really into the X-Wing fighter stuff and now of course my son is too thanks for my husband. Cool post. :)

  3. Geeky Daddy, my favorite part of the special editions (and one of the few things I like about the changes) is the larger squadron of X-Wing fighters in the Death Star attack in ANH. Well-written post.
    The Geek Twins

  4. I totally wanted to be one. Still do, to tell the truth.

  5. great minds, jedi mind tricks...

    You have done a great job on the A to Z Challenge...
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    A to Z Co-Host
    My New Book:
    Retro-Zombie: Art and Words

  6. They were the best. I agree, who didn't one while growing up? I still want one. :-)

  7. Yes, what kid doesn't want an x-wing? And also, what grown-up doesn't want one, cause I do!!!

  8. Lukas got the Lego X wing fighter for Christmas this year. He loves it. Put it together himself in a couple of hours.

  9. I would love one of those, I'd go everywhere in it! :)


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