I is For...

In the continuation of the A to Z Challenge in my post today. We are to the letter I and that stands for Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.

The Imperial-class Star Destroyers, along with Imperial stormtroopers, represented the might of the Imperial Military throughout the galaxy during the reign of the Galactic Empire. The Imperator-class was originally used by the Republic Navy toward the end of the Clone Wars, and served alongside the Tector-class in a few task forces during the conflict. It was at the time one of the largest warship classes in the Republic Navy.[19] It later became a mainstay of the Imperial Navy and was also fielded to a lesser degree by the Empire's successor-states.

It was crazy the amount that these ships cost to make. The cost was equivalent of several star systems' annual economic output. WOW!!  Star Destroyers had at least 37,000 officers and crew. Counting the stormtrooper complement (one division or legion, 9,700 men) would total 46,700.

This warshield can equip with the whole 9 yards as well. It had security shields, six heavy turbolasers and two heavy ion cannons, arranged in four dual mounts flanking the ship's tower structure, also other weapons in its arsenal.

What would be your plan in trying to take down this warship?

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  1. I'm lovin' your topic for AtoZ. Star Wars was one of the first loves in my life. I was addicted to it growing up.

    i seen that you were gone... so was it a business or pleasure getaway?

  2. I am happy that you are loving my topic..:) I am glad my brother and I were not the only SW addicts growing up.

    I went out of town for Easter. It was more of a pleasure get away.


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