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Cover of "The Lies of Locke Lamora"
Cover of The Lies of Locke Lamora
There is a reading a event that you do not want to miss and it being hosted by Little Red Reviewer, Dark Cargo, My Awful Reviews, @OhthatAshley posting at SF Signal, and Dark Cargo Explorer. This is what I love about being a book blogger your fellow bloggers find different ways to expose you to great authors. I have never read him, but have heard GREAT things about his books.

Here are some of the details:
Detail the first: We’ll be getting started with The Lies of Locke Lamora the first week of March and Red Seas Under Red Skies sometime in mid to late April (which should give everyone a chance to get copies), and we’ll read 120 – 160 pages per week, with discussions going up on the weekends. Paperbacks tend to run less than $10, electronic probably a bit less, audio probably a bit more, limited editions from Subterranean Press considerably more so.  Any version is fine. Chapter breaks and other timing info to be posted later this month.
Detail the second: These are some of my favorite books, by one of my most favorite authors. You can expect much fan girlishness from me. What I said before about restraining order behavior? uh, yeah, that was me.  Here’s hoping all the other bloggers will be much more mature and professional.
Detail the third:  These books are rated super R for casual violence, violence towards children, promotion of flexible morals,  massive amounts of glamorized criminal activity, occasional drug and alcohol use, a smidgen of bought and paid for sex, and oh gods, the swear words.

If this sounds like it would be down your alley just stop in any of the hosting blogs that you would like participate in the read-a-long.
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  1. Nice to see this starting to spread. Here's hoping we can really have some fun with this! :)

  2. I am thinking I should join in, but I am terrible with read-alongs... Decisions, decisions...


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