In The Humor Of It All Reading Event

I am not going to officially call it a challenge, but it is an event. I have been thinking about doing something fun and silly for a challenge or event for quite some time. Andrea really got it stirring for me. If you really want to blame somebody blame her...jk.There are some fantsy/sci-fi authors out there that give these world some life and makes the readier laugh out loud..:) For instance, Sir Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams(recognize the button) and Piers Anthony to name a few. I am sure that there a PLENTY out there that I have yet to discover as well.

When does this wonderful event that place anyway. When else would it be taking place in April. It will go through the entire month.

What counts as humor?
Humor you think that it would make you laugh and think it would give you joy go right ahead and give the book a whirl. I am not going to be picky with this event. You can real 1 book or 20 books under the criteria listed above. I just want people to be able to enjoy the whole month of April. I like to see smiles on peoples faces.All in all I want people to have fun.

How can bloggers who are participating identify themselves? Feel free to grab the button that I made above as well.. You can put it in the side bar, or in the post, or whatever you feel like doing.You can make it your background if you really want to.I will make a tab for you to post you reviews and comments on the top of the Geeky Daddy as well. For you non-bloggers that want to post what you read.
On Twitter? use #humorbookevent

UPDATE(2/10/2012): I was thinking at work earlier today about the genres of reading. I figured why limit what people should read. I am just going to leave the floodgates open and you can chose any type of fiction you so desire.

If you have any questions or concerns you can give me a haler on here, twitter.
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  1. Sounds awesome. I do love me some funny speculative.

    I'll be doing the A-Z blogging challenge throughout April, but I'd be more than happy to take part in this too :)

  2. i'm a terrible influence, aren't I? ;)

    Excellent! I've been meaning to get back to Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams! scifi and snortingly hilarious are two of my favorite things! (the others probably being dark fantasy, alcohol, and caffeine)

  3. Yes you are terrible redhead..;) I thought that this would people a chance to get some laughter into their life. Caffeine and alcohol are all great things to have.

  4. Sounds Cool. I love funny books, however...should I be concerned if I find some murder mysteries hilarious? LOL! I'm gonna go with the theory of, the characters are funny. Romantic comedy is ok too I suppose, but not all of them make me laugh either, most make me wanna gag with all the mush in them. LOL, which considering I am a woman sounds, again funny huh? ;) Great choice picking April, what better month to do comedy reads than one that starts with a day like April Fools Day??!!!

    Side Note....I agree with redhead, caffeine is an amazing thing! And a little alcohol on the side isn't to shabby either. lol. :)

  5. Angie that was what I figuring with April 1st being April Fools Day. If murders made you laugh all power to you, but the people from Behavioral Analysis Unit might be a little worried..LOL Glad that you can take part in the event as well.

  6. I came across your event on the day I bought my very first book by Terry Prachett: The Colour of Magic. Such a nice coincidence :)


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