AquaGirl Scares Off Daycare

My wife and I were informed that the current sitter that Aquagirl has during the day will be more than likely moving a couple state over in about June or so. He husband was offered a job that will double his salary. I wish that there would an offered like that for me.This means that Aquagirl will be going through 2 live-in day cares in one year. I am thinking that maybe she is like the baby off The Incredibles  or some thing. I am just glad that the current sitter told us with more notice than the last one.

My wife is struggling with this fact. She works a part-time job during the day. We are seriously discussing if she should quit her job and considering sitting a child or 2. My wife does not deal with stress very well whatsoever. It has not been a good day and half around here. I am hoping that her friend that she emailed sents a message back about considers and thoughts about sitting children. Or it may be a LONG 6 month period or whenever what we decide to do. I am hoping that the situation is figured out sooner than later.
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