Once Upon A Time

I finally started watching the series Once Upon A Time that is airing Sunday Nights on ABC. I am happy that we(my wife and I) have a DVR. Is a DVR not one of the best inventions? My wife not even seeing the show until this morning, has been saying that it looks stupid an/or dumb. She watched the show while she was on the iTouch(as always). Mrs. GD said that the show was that as bad as she originally thought.

If anyone was wondering  a quick synopsis of the series:Once Upon A Time centers on a woman(Emma) with a troubled past who is drawn into a small town in Maine by where son where the magic and mystery of Fairy Tales just may be real.

I am not a movie critic or anything, but I think that this series thus far has pretty good flow from one episode to the next. It also switches throughout he show between the real world(Maine..HA) and the Enchanted Forest. This show may be based  fairy tales, but I would some youngsters to watch the show.

So far in the show the Evil Queen or Mayor whatever she is called. Is doing everything is her power to keep her(Evil Queen) happiness compromised. So yes I will continue to watch this show on Sundays or whenever I get the time to watch it.This show has an alternate history type of a feel to it as well. If this happened how different the future could have turned out. I hope that I have persuaded some of you to give this show a shot in the dark.  
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