LOTR Read-A-Long; Return of the King Section 3

 I just cannot believe that this the end of Lord of the Rings. I just cannot believe that I WAITED this long in the live the finally read the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I will say this  experience was so much better reading with friends like you. I am sure that I will never see any of you face to face, but I do consider you friends. I was about to talk to you about my thoughts and everything in between.

 I just could not believe how much Middle Earth changed throughout the war. It was nothing that the hobbits remembered when they left The Shire.

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The Section Questions:

What do you think Gandalf was going to speak with Tom Bombadil about?
I for one am not that sure at all. Well maybe it is in The Adventures of Tom Bombadil . It maybe worth a looking into and seeing if we could find out what Gandalf is really up to with Tom. Who really knows what that Gandalf character is up to anyways..:)

What did you think of the two weddings? Do you think Eowyn will eventually find happiness with Faramir?

Ahhh...I am not that sure what to really think of two weddings. I was wondering what was Sam going to do in the end.He could not live with Mr. Frodo forever...could he. I do hope that everyone find happiness in their marriages and everything is so much more than they expect it to be for each partner.

What did you think of their meeting with Saruman on the road home?  I was half expecting someone to just kill Saruman.

I thought that it was funny that he was a peasant and such. I did not believe that this is was going to be the last that we saw of Saurman anyway. He is like the flu, he always pops up at the least opportune times. I just seemed that he needed to live to make the readers wonder what became of him. It would have been nice to have his head hewed off, but no such luck. It was a pretty tense encounter nonetheless.

Holy Cow I was not expecting the scouring of the shire.  If this is your first time reading, were you surprised? And if this isn't your first time reading, does the shock get a little easier to swallow on re-read?

I could not believe what I was seeing in The Shire. The hobbits surely did not think that this was the right place. If I were them my thoughts would have been "Am I in an alternate universe.' I was shocked to see what happened to the Shire in this chapter. Seeing the kind of destruction that took place while the Hobbits were absent would be a tough pill to swallow.
I am glad that did lead the revolt in taking and cleaning the Shire back the way that it was when they left so long ago.

What did you think of the very end, of the departure of the Havens?

To me this part is sad throughout this chapter. With the quest complete and everything is back to normal. How do you live your life now knowing that you saved Middle Earth. Sam wanted so badly wanted to come with, but he knew that he could not come along.

Characters are supposed to change and develop during a story, right?  Who changed more, Sam or Frodo?

For me it was Sam. He began the quest as an obedient follower to his Master Frodo. Throughout the journey he became so much more decisive and was the Ring bearer for a time. In the end it seemed that he much more happier and was leading more of a life than being a servant.

Come and join us in the reading of  The Children of Hurin during the month of December. Posts won’t be as formal as these, but Little Red Reviewer  and Stainless Steel Droppings and I look forward to your comments!


  1. Saruman is definitely like the flu - the avian variety I think! It's been great reading along with everyone, really enjoyed all the comments.

    Lynn :D

  2. I have a sudden desire to re-read Lord of the Rings, now! I was just watching the movies again too, so I'm feeling quite elvish. I'm glad you enjoyed the experience. These group read-a-longs sound like some fun times.

    Geek Banter

  3. Allison it was a great time to read with friends and fellow bloggers. It was a journey that I was glad that I FINALLY took that I contemplated for a couple years:) The fact that I completed the journey makes it so much more satisfying.If you do re-read the LOTR, I know that you will enjoy the quest.


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