LOTR Read-A-Long: The Return of the King Section 1

Out of doubt, out of dark to the day's rising
I came singing in the sun, sword unsheathing.
To hope's end I rode and to heart's breaking:
Now for wrath, now for ruin and a red nightfall!

Welcome back to the quest through Middle Earth everybody. I hope that everyone is enjoying the journey as much as I am in The Return of the King. This week it was my task to figure out some question for the group to answer. You can add other thoughts as well.
In this section, it filled with plenty of actions in the first 6 chapters that was for certain. In this section, there was preparing for the imminent Battle that was about to take place in Minas Tirith. The gathering of other all the other people(nations) in one place to take on the Orc and other of Saurman’s evil army.
There were plenty of surprises in the section as well. Finding out that Both Eowyn and Merry snuck in to fight for the People of Rohan. I liked this part that you cannot deny for fighting for what I believe in.
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1.With the company that went with Aragorn through the Paths of Death. Would you have volunteered knowing it may be curse and ghosts haunting the paths?
 I think that I would have volunteered to go with Aragon to the Path of Dead. It was a quite difficult task for the Company of Rangers to start out with.They find the lost army of the undead oathbreakers who dwell in the Paths of the Dead, a mountain hall where they have been enslaved since their treachery ages ago.
i would have like to be a part of something like that with the Company of Rangers. Aragon used the oathbreakers of ultimately defeat the Corsairs of Umbar. It makes me smile thinking of the way that the Company of Rangers and Oathbreakers came into the battle at the right moment.                   

2.What were your thoughts of Merry and Pippin in the preparation to the Battle of Gondor. It seemed that each ruler just thought that each hobbit could not be a contribution to the battle.  
I felt that each hobbit were mot being treated as solider, but as a child in which their physical appearance resembles. If I were either one of them I would have been ticked that the Lord or King of either people not really allowing them fight in a battle that Pippin and Merry wanted to be a part of hands down.
In the end both Pippin and Merry were involved in the way even if their services were no longer required by Rohan or Gondor. I would have fought tooth and nail to be a apart of this battle as all the other able men were as well.        
3.Did you think that the preparations to the Battle sparked your interest and  all or did you find that the flow was bogged down a bit?
I did think at times that it got a little long with the descriptions and the parts that were lulled. Tolkien did shows that a great battle does not just take place over night. Their is a strategy in the planning and attempt to take down the enemy that is trying to overtake your place. Tolkien also shows his experience from the World War I once again.
i thought that it was great that Tolkien implemented his war experiences into this epic tale of good vs evil. Like the Allied Powers vs the Central Powers. I do think that after this read along I am going to do some real life war reads.

4. I thought that it was great that both Eowyn and Merry made it to the Battlefield. Yet against orders of the King and made a huge contributions. What did you think both of them doing this and would you have done this if it was you?I thought that it took a lot of guts from both of them. Merry did not think that he was riding into battle with Eowyn in the first place. Merry thought that he was riding to battle Dernhelm.Merry did find out there was a reason that Dernhelm did not chat to much on their 4 day horse ride to Minas Tirith.
The Witch-King was taken down by Éowyn and, with help from Merry. Both were hurt pretty bad in the combat against the Witch-King.
I am not that sure if I would have committed  insubordination against my King or father. It is pretty hard to say what i would have done. Well…it would have depended upon what my thoughts would have been on the situation.
5. What do you think of Denethor's rash decision to send Faramir to hold Western Osgiliath against the hosts of the Enemy that outnumbered their own greatly?
I think that Denethor has lost all reason after the loss of his son Boromir. For crying out loud he sent his remaining heir on a suicide mission, in which was hopeless to come out victorious. I feel that Denethor should be relieved of his duties considering that he is not think straight right now. He is morning the loss Boromir his favorite child.
This book was perfect start with the same kind of action that we left off with the Fellowship. It may be separated. This journey is enthralling and action packed throughout the first 1/3 of The Return of the King.
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  1. Is Denethor mourning the loss of Boromir or the loss of the ring? I have to wonder! You are right that he has lost all reason.

  2. I honestly expected the scenes in the paths of the Dead to be a little creepier. Yes, there are foul breezes and shadows, but it really wasn't as scary as I expected. Spoiler alert, I did know Aragorn was successful there. :(

    Ahh, Denethor. You got it right on the head, that Boromir was his favorite, it has to really suck to be Faramir!

  3. @Jennifer- I never thought of that about Denethor that is a good possibility that he my be mourning the loss of the ring..hmmm. WOW

    @LRR- I thought that the Paths of the Dead would be more descriptive, but I thought that it was still pretty good;) Faramir is being treated as the black sheep of the family.

  4. I finally got caught up with this first part of the questions:


    I like that you mention Dernhelm. I thought that was a really clever way of writing on Tolkien's part. I wonder if I would have seen through this disguise if I had read these as a child or if I would have been as surprised as Merry upon discovering that this was actually Eowyn.

    I agree with you in that I think both hobbits are seen as child-like because of their size and despite their heroic deeds to that point are easily set aside when the battles come. I don't always think this was deliberately malicious and do feel this was a more realistic depiction of what would actually happen. It also gives both hobbits a choice and I admire them more because they choose to not take their out but instead press on and fight.


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