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Cover of "The Children of Hurin"
Cover of The Children of Hurin
I am not that sure everyone has heard that the group was planning on reading an additional book after The Return of the King. The book is The Children of Hurin. Here is an overview of the book over at Good Reads, if you are curious what the book is about.  I say continue the fun with Tolkiens Army and explore more about Middle Earth past or future.

Here is the tentative schedule of the reading:

I figured that we start reading the book on December 3, so I hope that this gives everyone enough time to get access to a book. 

Part 1: The Children of Turin through Turin Among Outlaws     Discussion December 10

Part 2: Of Mim the Dwarf through The Return of Turin to Do-lomin  Discussion December 17

Part 3: The Coming of Turin into Brethil through The Death of Turin  Discussion December 24

I know that with the holidays coming up. These date are as usual the discussion start on Saturday, I figured that this would be a fun throw in book to continue the Tolkien Read-A-Long. I will teamed up with Little Red Reviewer or Stainless Steel Dropping for the trio-hosting of this book.Go to twitter and use hashtag #LOTRreadalong or comment on this post. We are all glad that you could join in with a great group read.


There has been a change in plans. We decided to just review the book as a whole when we finish the book. Due to the busy holiday season and other responsibilities may have at the moment.
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  1. Awesome. I'll see if I can find a copy. Either way I look forward to reading all of the reviews.


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