LOTR Read-A-Long: The Return of the King Section 2

But do you remember Gandalf's words: Even Gollum may have something yet to do? But for him, Sam, I could not have destroyed the Ring. The Quest would have been in vain, even at the bitter end. So let us forgive him! For the Quest is achieved and now all is over. I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam.

Well hello everyone on this fine day.Sorry about the posting being a bit late this week it was Opening Day for hunting this weekend in Wisconsin. I cannot believe all the action that happened throughout this section. I was in awe in some parts of this quest in this section. Here we found out Denethor has been using a palantir and was being mislead. We also find out how loyal Samwise really is to his master Frodo.Frodo and Sam were met with Gollum once a again and was not going do all that he could to get the Ring.
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The Questions

1.  After witnessing the events of Denethor's demise, what are your thoughts on him as a father and as a ruler, especially when compared to what happened with Boromir and the Ring.
I think that him as a father and ruler was skewed throughout our experience with him. Denethor was a person that we were not that sure about since we met him throughout the book. One fellow bloggers mentions that Denethor might have been more mad about the fact that Faramir allowed Frodo to continue on his way on his journey. Thus giving Faramir a suicide mission in return. Denethor was captivated with power of the ring.
So he could not function, adequately was a ruler and as a father. As a ruler he lost all insight after he was looking into the palantír.

2.  Instead of riding into the city with pomp and circumstance, Tolkien pens the king's return as a clandestine act in which he demonstrates his rightful place through the act of healing the wounded.  Your thoughts?

I thought that it was great that he did not just walking in and assume control of the city just like that, even after the city’s Steward had just died. Especially in the circumstances that he died.I think that the town was in mixed feeling with what was happening.
Aragon does show that he cares more about the his friends to be well and safe than the power and authority that he portrays in the book. Especially with the line in which he belongs to. He does not let that go to his head.

3.  For one chapter Sam got to be rescuer and ring-bearer.  What are your thoughts about Sam's brief time as a ring-bearer in comparison to the others who have born the ring, or wished to?

I thought that it was great that Sam took the ring and did not let the power of the ring take over him like the many others that the ring did in the past. He did feels the burden of the ring weighing on him, but he did not seemed bothered by it much at all. Sam as always thought of his master first. If Frodo was not there to continue on the mission he would go and try to accomplish the feat that they set out to do in the first place. Sure am glad that Frodo had a great companion with him throughout this journey.:)
I like that Tolkien did this to try to set up a what if possibility if the mission was not conquered in the end.

4.  In a twist unexpected in many hero tales, Tolkien ends the journey into Mount Doom with Frodo ultimately failing at his task.  How did you feel about this and ultimately how does it make you feel about both Frodo and Gollum?

It was a twist alright at the end. I could not believe that Tolkien did this showing that Frodo and Sam came so close to fail. It would make a lot of sense that rings power would be so much great with the closer that it was to Mount Doom and more burden that ring was laying on Frodo.
In the end, it was different how the ring was ultimately destroyed.Sadly for Frodo lost a finger in the end with Gollum getting the ring back. Gollum finally got his precious back, but falls to his death into Crack of Doom into the lava. This freed Middle-earth from Sauron's power.

5.  Given that The Lord of the Rings is largely about an all male cast, what are your thoughts about Tolkien's portrayal of Eowyn now that we've seen the course of her journey through these culminating chapters of her story?

.I sure did like what Eowyn did throughout her journey. After being told to stay home and do not get into trouble by her father. So what does she do. She Eowyn dresses up so that she is not recognized and is in the thick of the Battle at Minas Tirith.
I sure did like like were being bold enough to go and ride for day being disguised, I know that not many people would even attempt to do such a thing. She is a person fascinates me. You just do not know what to expect from her next.  She is hands down awesome and Tolkien knows that he created a character that everyone would love.

6.  Much of this section of our reading has been filled with desperate acts with little hope of success.  How do you feel about the mood Tolkien created in the build up both to the battle and the final push into Mount Doom and what are your thoughts on how these sections ended?

I like the journey to Mount Doom. I was enthralled with the suspense that coming in step by step in this part of the book. I was being to wonder how they were going to accomplish the task that the hobbits set out to do in the first place. I know this mostly walking and find drinkable water. This part of the section had me on the edge of my seat:)

7.  The "assigned" sections for part 3 only take us to the end of the actual story. Will you be reading the appendices?

I hope been looking over many of the appendices throughout this journey in destroying the One Ring. I have been a fan of maps and family trees and such for quite some time now. I think I will be looking over and seeing what sparks my interest. I do not think that I will be read everything, but some of it. I think everyone should skim through some parts of it.

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  1. Oh, you're so much better than me, reading the maps and appendices - I'm just like reading it and heading off to the next book! (very bad). I like your comments about Gollum finally getting his precious back (even though it's not a perfect ending for him you can't really see any other way).
    Lynn :D


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