The Two Towers and Return of the King Schedule

 With the Fellowship of the Ring all finished. So now you may ask when do we start the 2nd book. Little Red Reviewer did a great job splitting up the next book for us. Carl from Stainless Steel Dropping  kindly agreed to host a discussion section for the rest of the books we will be reading in the read a long. 

Here is the reading schedule:
 The group can start reading October 8th, earlier if you want to.

The Two Towers
part 1 - Departure of Borimir  -  Helmsdeep            Discussion October 15
part 2  - The Road to Isengard - Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit     Discussion October 22
part 3 - The WIndow on the West - The Choices of Master Samwise     Discussion October 29

The group can start reading November 5th, earlier if you want to.

The Return of the King
part 1 - Minas Tirith - The Battle of the Pelennor Fields     Discussion November 12 
part 2 - The pyre of Denethor - The steward and the King   Discussion November 19
part 3 - Many Partings - The Grey Havens                          Discussion November 26 

It is not to late to join the Read along either comment on this post or over at Little Red Reviewer or Stainless Steel Dropping. Go to twitter and use hashtag #LOTRreadalong.  We are all glad that you could join in with a great group read.


  1. Thank you for doing this. I found the read-along a couple of weeks ago and managed to catch up this past week. I'm looking forward to joining in for The Two Towers!

  2. Wonderful! Although it may kill me to wait until October 8th to start.

    Which section of The Two Towers would you like me to develop questions for?

  3. @Jennifer- i am sure glad that you are enjoying the read a long. It is not a problem hosting the event, I have been wanting to read the LOTR for quite some time..:)Thank you for your participation.

    @Carl V-I hope that you survive until October 8th..:) I was thinking that you could develop questions\topics for section 2.

  4. That works for me, thanks!

    And I'll try. I pulled down my copy of it over the weekend and was looking at it longingly. :)

  5. I plan to join in! I was worried I was too late, so I am glad to see I am actually not. I don't want to fall behind. :)


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