Pitcher and Catchers Report

I am thrilled that Baseball Season is upon us. As many of you will soon find out, I am a huge baseball fan. So in this blog every week I will try to highlight some major happenings in the MLB. For me as a suffering Brewers fan for year. At least it is a little better with the team that they have had in past 5 years or so.

The big news from the Brewers was signing Rickie Week to a multiyear deal that will keep him a in a Brewers uniform until the 2014 season. Weeks will earn $38.5 million over the next four years and could pay $50 million over five years if he remains a fixture of the starting lineup.

With his injury issues in the past we will see if he can stay healthy for this contract. I for one an ecstatic that Weeks will be with the Crew for 4 more years.  So my daughter and I will be able to watch him from the lead-off spot for a while.
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