The Phase Continues

With JTW still going through the phase- of screaming on the top of her lungs when she notices that she is alone and not enthralled with a toy. Well I hope that it is just a phase passes real soon.JTW started this right after her two top teeth came in. My wife and I think that  people are crazy that told us," Having a newborn you can not get anything done."

Our thoughts about that is whatever. With JTW out of starter car seat, well that is what I call it at least. You know the one that you snap the carrier in and out of the base. Now we have to take JTW out of the stationary every time seems to be a chore at times.

Anyway where was I..ohh ya the phase. My wife and I don't pick Alia up when she is crying just to cry. When she is dome crying then we reward her by being picked up.

I am sure that every parent went through this phase. So what did you do when you child(ren) were going through this time?

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