The Queen of Snot

With JTW still getting those upper teeth to poke through her raw bare gums. I did not know the snot factor that came along with teething. It is just crazy the amount of snot that comes out of her nose. I know that every parents goes through this stage.

I did found out something else kind of interesting from my wife(Mrs. GD the researcher. I found out that Alia will be teething for 2 YEARS. Yikes!! Then Mrs. GD just laughs at me after I gained this new found information.

I has been quite an adventure with JTW getting her two upper teeth. It was worse much worse than her getting the bottom teeth. I have heard horror stories, the Stephen King variety of the molars come in. I can WAIT for that time.

It will not be long until JTW starts getting more teeth in his pink gums and before I now it will be filled with sparkling white teeth.

I guess that we have to put up with the crankiness from out little princess in training. Yes she already has her mommy's attitude. 
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